Pa. License Expired During Pandemic? Now It's Good Until End of July

PennDOT extended expiration dates again to limit the number of customers in DMVs

A REAL ID driver's license sample for Pennsylvania.

If you haven't renewed your Pennsylvania driver's license, posed for a license photo or still have your permit, those documents are now good for another month, PennDOT said this week.

The agency extended deadlines to July 31 for driver licenses, photo ID cards and learner's permits scheduled to expire from March 16, 2020 through July 31, 2020.

The department had previously extended expiration dates into June, to limit a crush of customers returning all at once after they were unable to enter DMVs during the strictest period of coronavirus pandemic closures.

"These extensions are a mitigation effort of course," spokesman Diego Sandino said. "As we reopen, driver license services and photo centers are in high demand," and some customers were facing long waits, he added.

DMVs have reopened with limited capacity and social distancing measures in place, but the department urges anyone who can to complete transactions online.

Since May 10, anyone renewing a license can get one with their photo already on file, and skip a DMV trip completely. And the extension allows those with a camera card - the document you hand over before posing for your license photo - another month to pose for that photo.

PennDOT did not extend expiration dates for registrations, inspections and Persons with Disabilities parking placards.

More information is available on the state DMV website.

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