Overheard on the Pilgrimage Trail from Great Meadows to Doylestown

From smart phones to abusive boyfriends to the ease of learning the Polish language – NOT! – you can’t help but overhear a range of conversation topics when you’re walking 57.5 miles in four days with thousands of people.

“I used to go to the bars after Penn State football games and talk to students about love, real love, you know. . .I always said I was a public speaker…” – Young missionary woman who talked to other young adults about chastity

"I expect to be sleeping right down the hall from Pope Francis." -- Seminarian who is in his 3rd year of study at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, where the pope will stay during his September visit

"Is that your dream to live on a boat?" "Yes, but I'll probably have to get a bigger one when I get married and have a family." -- 2 young men talking about the future

“You know you’re in Pennsylvania when you see stars on people’s houses. You don’t see those in Jersey.” – Corazon Puro teen who walked for the 4th time

“I grew up in a house where my parents hardly ever talked and when they did, it was fighting only. You got to where you never wanted to come home.” – Young Polish woman who left an abusive relationship after 4 years.

“The Galaxy is always a step ahead of the iPhone, man. It's still got a iOS from 2012.” – Two 20-something guys talking about smart phones

“Women from that area of the Philippines, you know, we are just more aggressive.” – Nurse who moved here after college, despite her husband’s protests. He followed.

“There’s not enough vowels, I feel like. Chinese is easier,” – Two women talking about learning to speak Polish

“I don’t know if I can support you.” – Woman’s response to teen’s pitch to get a tattoo

“Are we there yet?” – Tired toddler to mom

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