On the Barge: Crews Prepare for Fireworks Show

Crews were hard at work preparing for Saturday night's fireworks show.

Preparations for Saturday night's fireworks show began bright and early on a barge at the Navy Yard Saturday for a crew from Pyrotecnico.

NBC10: Sara Smith

Kevin Stead, of Pyrotecnico, gave NBC10 a tour of the barge while workers set up to prepare for a second show at the Delaware River Waterfront as part of Wawa Welcome America.

Fireworks Shells (2)
NBC10: Sara Smith

Stead said shells are set by size into tubes on the barge. The sizes determine the height of the firework to create a layered effect for the show.

Fireworks Set up
NBC10: Sara Smith

"A few thousand" fireworks line the barge from end to end. 

Fireworks Charge
NBC10: Sara Smith

The charges are connected to a computer to sync with with music and to make sure that the right charges go off at the correct moment to make a cohesive and exciting display.

Fireworks Danger
NBC10: Sara Smith

A little over 3 miles of wire are used to connect shells to the charges.

Fireworks Pink
NBC10: Sara Smith

The best place to see this display? Penns Landing, of course.

Fireworks Shells
NBC10: Sara Smith

The team from Pyrotecnico also sets off the fireworks on the Parkway on the 4th of July. Stead says backing up from the stage will give you the best view of that display.

Fireworks Charge 2
NBC10: Sara Smith
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