Occupy Philly Considering Next Move

Decision could come Tuesday night on new location, new rules

A Tuesday night vote its General Assembly meeting could decide how Occupy Philly will respond to the city’s offer to move from City Hall across the street to the Municipal Services building.

The city offered the Occupy Philadelphia protesters a permit to relocate from Dilworth Plaza to Thomas Paine Plaza, but it comes with new conditions for the group. Demonstrators would be allowed on the property between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. They would have to end their 24-hour protest and tents and sleeping bags won’t be allowed.

The city offered the Occupy protesters 48 hours to consider the conditions for a new permit. City officials also promised there would be adequate notice before any eviction order from Dilworth Plaza.

The Tuesday night meeting has been moved inside because of rain, to the Friends Center on Cherry Street. In addition to the regular nightly General Assembly, protesters will hold a press conference about the protest and arrest at Wells Fargo Bank.

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