Police Arrest 2 Men in Shooting That Injured 10 in North Philadelphia

Police arrested Quadir Burley and Tyrell Broadnax in connection to a shooting which occurred on the 2500 block of North 23rd Street back on May 20, according to sources.

Philadelphia Police arrested two men in connection to a shooting that injured ten people in North Philadelphia last month.

Quadir Burley, 18, and Tyrell Broadnax, 19, are accused of opening fire at a crowd during a party on the 2500 block of North 23rd Street back on May 20. Police say 25 to 30 people, including children, were having a party in the area around 10:30 p.m. Burley and Broadnax allegedly approached the crowd and fired about 27 shots, striking 10 people, ranging between the ages of 18 and 26 years old. All of the victims survived the shooting. One of the victims included a woman who was struck on the side and next to her 2-year-old child. The last of the ten victims was released from the hospital Monday.

"They didn't care who they hit," Philadelphia Police Captain Frank Banford said during a press conference Monday afternoon. "They didn't care whatever collateral damage was done."

Police say Burley and Broadnax were targeting one man in the crowd who they had a long-standing feud with.

"This male was in the crowd," Banford said. "That meant nothing to these guys."

(L to R), Quadir Burley, Tyrell Broadnax

Police identified Burley and Broadnax as the gunmen after speaking with witnesses, according to officials. Broadnax turned himself in to police Monday while Burley was arrested in Montgomery County on a theft charge and is currently in custody there. Police say they will pick him up and bring him to Philadelphia. Both suspects will be charged with attempted murder.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross spoke on how the shooting was part of the ongoing problem of gun violence. 

"This is what we have to try to appeal to these young, particularly, men," Ross said. "Why they have to find a way to deal with conflict resolution. They have to find a way to resolve their issues without resorting to guns. And right now, in this country, it is a major issue. It just is."

Nine people were injured and two of them are in critical condition from a shooting in North Philadelphia Saturday night, according to police. NBC10’s Matt DeLucia has details from outside Temple University Hospital.

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