NJ Residents Feel Safer in Philly, Big Apple Than Camden or Trenton

New Jersey residents feel more secure visiting cities in other states rather than Camden or Trenton.

About a third of those surveyed in the latest Fairleigh Dickinson PublicMind poll said they feel safe in Manhattan, while 13 percent are at ease visiting Philadelphia.

About 11 percent feel safe in Atlantic City, 7 percent in Trenton, 5 percent in Newark and just 2 percent in Camden, said poll director Krista Jenkins.

"We find that the closer you live to a particular area, the more likely you are to consider it safe. So it very well could be that you've been there, and nothing bad happened," she said. "But if you've never been there, and you only hear about bad things that happen there on the news, it would make sense that you would consider them unsafe places to be."

It's not surprising people have more positive perceptions about New York City and Philadelphia since they're more likely to travel there than they are to visit some of the Garden State's big cities, Jenkins said.

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