NJ Motor Vehicle Fees May Spike

It seems prices are rising on everything these days—and N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission fees may be the next to increase by 50 percent or higher.

You may pay higher fees for things like motorcycle registrations and commercial-driver exams by July 2009.

Some proposed hikes are:

  • From $35 for commercial driver license exams to $125
  • From $10 per year for motorcycle registrations to $65 per year
  • From $4 to $10 for document copies to $15
  • From $100 for driver improvement programs to $150
  • From $20 to $30 for boat ownership certificates to $60

The proposed hikes will help cover the motor vehicle agency’s deficit of $27 million by better reflecting the commission’s cost for processing the transactions, according to MVC chief administrator Sharon Harrington.

For instance, the MVC estimates to issue a commercial driver license costs them $437, which may explain the proposed fee increase from $35 currently to $125.

Fees would not increase for driver’s licenses or car registrations.

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