New Red Light Cameras Coming to Philly

Philadelphia to install 4 new cameras to catch red light runners

Jonas Hiller
Getty Images

If you drive through Roxborough, Port Richmond or the Northeast, you'll soon want to think twice before running that red light.

City officials announced Tuesday they will be installing three brand-new red light cameras at high-traffic areas across Philadelphia.

The red light systems utilize fixed digital cameras attached to light poles that snap pictures of a vehicle's license plate so the driver can be ticketed for traveling through a red light.

If a car crosses into the intersection while the light's red, sensors activate the cameras and the driver's mailed a $100 ticket.

New cameras will be going up at Henry Avenue and Walnut Lane in Roxborough, Rising Sun and Adams Avenues in Lawncrest and Aramingo and Castor Avenues and Aramingo and York Avenues in Port Richmond, says the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Construction has already started on three of the cameras with a live date set for late spring, the PPA says. The fourth camera -- at Aramingo and York -- will be installed at a later date.

Once the cameras are operational, drivers have two months to curb their running before the tickets start coming.

Speeding through yellow lights could still cost you -- as long as your car is still in a portion of the intersection when the light goes red, your license plate will most likely be recorded.

There are 15 red light cameras already in operation at intersections across the city.

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