Little Adolf Hitler's Parents Lose Custody of Newborn

Child protective services representatives took custody of the baby at the hospital.

New Jersey child welfare officials have taken custody of a baby born to a couple whose other three children with Nazi-inspired names were removed nearly two years ago.

Heath and Deborah Campbell made headlines in 2008 when a supermarket refused to decorate a birthday cake for their son Adolf Hitler Campbell.

An attorney for them says a child named Hons was born Thursday at Hunterdon Medical Center. Pasquale Giannetta says state child services representatives took custody of the baby at the hospital.

Adolf and his two sisters, who also have Nazi-inspired names -- Joycelynn Aryan Nation and Hons Lynn Hinler -- were removed from their parents' home in 2009.

"They beg to come home all the time," mother Deborah Campbell told NBC10 last month during a custody protest in front of the courthouse in Flemington, N.J. "They beg for their dad. They want to see their dad all the time."

Keith and Deborah Campbell get to see their children for two hours every week and contend that the only reason their children were removed was due to their children's names. Keith Campbell said that day that the names of his children will not be changed.

"DYFS has them in school now and nobody has a problem with my son's name, Adolf, at all. They know his full name. He plays soccer, he plays all that and nobody bothers him," said Keith Campbell.

Giannetta says a court hearing has been scheduled for Monday to determine whether the agency will keep custody. Agency officials declined to comment.

In court filings, the agency says the children were in danger because previous violence in the Campbell home.

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