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New Jersey Mayor Bans Questions at Meetings?

UPDATE: Evesham Mayor Randy Brown said that questions will continue to be allowed at public meetings.

A New Jersey mayor has banned questions from the public at township council meetings.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Evesham Mayor Randy Brown began the policy earlier this year.

It came after a tense meeting in December in which a resident asked about a tax abatement. Brown spoke over the question.

The questioner, 81-year-old Kenneth Mills, told Brown, "you're acting like a jerk."

Since then, the council has allowed only public comments at meetings and not questions.

Brown, a Republican who has said he may run for governor in 2017, told the Inquirer that most citizens ask him questions in other settings. He says those who have questions at public meetings "try to turn it into the Spanish Inquisition,"

Brown is also the kicking coach for the Baltimore Ravens.

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