My Mother: My Best Friend

We're celebrating Mother's Day this year by honoring our own moms here at NBC10. This story in our My Mother series is from NBC10 Fashion Guru, Lilliana Vasquez, who speaks to her mom (and best friend) daily.
To say that my mother and I are close would be a huge understatement! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't talk to her. Sometimes I talk to her multiple times in a day.

I lived abroad in Madrid for seven months and still managed to talk to her every day, even with the time difference. I don't usually have anything of great importance to share with her when we talk, but looking back those are my favorite conversations.

I've lived thousands of miles away from my mom for the majority of my life, so sharing my day with her makes me feel closer and it makes me feel like she's right there with me when something happens -- be it good or bad.

Growing up I always looked up to her and now that I'm actually a grown-up, I look up to her even more for all that she's done for me and my family. She truly is an inspirational woman and I'm so blessed to call her not only my Mom, but also my best friend.


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