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Muslim Teen Claims She Was Attacked by 2 Girls Due to Her Religion

“What they did was disgusting and horrible and it was a hate crime literally. That’s it."

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An investigation is underway after a Muslim teenager from Montgomery County accused two other girls of attacking her and ripping off her hijab at school due to her religion. 

“What they did was disgusting and horrible and it was a hate crime literally. That’s it,” Sanaa Beaufort told NBC10. “That’s all we’ve got to call it.” 

Beaufort, a 16-year-old junior and student ambassador at North Penn High School, told NBC10 two other girls attacked her Tuesday inside the school. Beaufort claimed one of the girls aggressively approached her and bumped her as she stepped out of the bathroom. As she took a defensive stance, a fight broke out and another girl jumped in, according to Beaufort. Beaufort said the girls ripped off her hijab, her religious head covering, during the fight. 

“You stripped me of my religion,” Beaufort said. “You took the most sacred thing I have on my body.” 

The incident also occurred during Ramadan, the holiest month for Muslims. Beaufort told NBC10 the dispute between her and the two other girls began weeks ago when she asked them to stop using the “N” word. She claims after that there were constant threats of violence. She also claims the girls kept saying, “We got you now,” during the fight on Tuesday. 

A video that captured some of the fight’s aftermath surfaced on social media and is currently being viewed by the North Penn School District as well as the Ambler NAACP which had an emergency meeting Wednesday night. 

“We like to throw around these pretty words and pretty phrases like, ‘Hate has no home here.’ Well, hate is here and hate revisited us again,” Shayk Anwar Muhammad, a member of the Ambler NAACP, told NBC10. 

A spokesperson for the North Penn School District said they’re committed to developing a respect for diversity. 

“Any altercation taking place in our schools is investigated and individuals involved are assigned consequences,” the spokesperson said. 

As the investigation continues, Beaufort is staying home and doesn’t know if she’ll ever go back to the school. 

Beaufort is also facing a 10-day suspension for the fight and she’s scheduled for a disciplinary hearing next week.

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