Murdered Tavern Owner Had Big Money Problems

Police are now focusing on the tangled & troubled financial history of the victim, Joe Canazaro

A new twist in a deadly Bucks County home break-in investigation. Police are now focusing on the tangled and troubled financial history of the victim.

Joe Canazaro, 48, was killed Friday by two masked and armed robbers inside his Hilltown Township home. His girlfriend and his 12-year-old son were tied up in the basement of the sprawling home that Canazaro rented. Investigators say the gunmen did not force their way in.

Investigators believe the motive may have been money. The gunmen took off with bank records and weapons from the home and detectives now know that Canazaro owed millions of dollars to creditors.

"It's a very involved, very complex to look at those records, to figure out exactly where the money came from and where it went," Hilltown Township Police Chief Chris Engelhart said.

Bankruptcy records show Canazaro defaulted on loans, owed money to casinos and bounced large checks.

"It's page after page of people he borrowed money from or owed money to. What starts to go off in your mind about, 'Could it be one of these?!' Well, certainly that's one of the avenues we're pursuing," Englehart said.

Investigators plan to follow the money trail and the people Canazaro dealt with and find out if any of them had a motive.

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