Razor Blade Found in Halloween Candy in Montgomery County

Trick-or-treating turned dangerous in one Montgomery County township on Halloween when a razor blade was found in a wrapped candy bar.

Brandon Gage, 13, was trick-or-treating near Woodlawn Drive and Walnut Lane in Towamencin Township Friday night. The boy told NBC10 he made a shocking discovery when he opened up a "fun-sized" candy.

"I opened it up and a box cutter knife or a razor blade just fell out of it," Brandon said.

The boy was not hurt during the incident. His mother, Jennifer Gage, called police Saturday morning.

"How did it get there?" Jennifer Gage asked. "I don't know if someone did it or if it was packaged like that or what."

Investigators told NBC10 they are not releasing the brand of candy the blade was found in because they want parents to check every piece. While there is no evidence that more tainted candy is out there, police are still warning parents to be cautious, check for foreign items and report anything suspicious. 

"The investigation is continuing on how the razor blade got into the wrapper," said Towamencin Township Police Sergeant John Cutrone. "She [[Jennifer Gage]] feels that it was sealed at the time. We don't know that at this moment but again we're going to look into that."

The school district also sent out an alert to parents.

"I think it's crazy," Jennifer Gage said. "To ruin an innocent holiday where kids dress up and get Halloween candy, and then to have to worry about razor blades."

Anyone with information should contact the Towamencin Township Police Department at 215-368-7606.

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