Missing Teen Returns Home

Jasmine Carrero, 13, was found with an older man who allegedly touched her inappropriately, police said

Jasmine Carrero, the South Philadelphia teen whose family feared she sleepwalked away from her home and got lost, was back home Thursday morning.

Police said Carrero, 13, was found by her mom at Broad and Oregon Avenue overnight and that the teen was with a much older man who allegedly touched her inappropriately.

Jasmine disappeared from her home near 4th and Ritner Tuesday night around 9:30.

"It's breaking my heart," her mother, Kim Marigliano, said while family and friends were desperately searching Wednesday night for Jasmine. "I'm scared to death. I just want her to know she can come home and she won't be in trouble. Just come home, please, please."

Neighbors and friends from her 7th grade softball team posted flyers about Jasmine's disappearance and created a Facebook page, Help FIND Jasmine Carrero. They were concerned that medication the teen takes may have put her in a trance-like state, where she has been known to sleepwalk.

"The medication can make her feel...more or less in a groggy state, like a daze, and [she] doesn't have her full faculties," said Liz Ferrigno, Jasmine's grandmother.

Jasmine's case was turned over to investigators with the Special Victims unit.

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