Delaware Business Owner: Stop Peeing on My Building!

Police and the Mayor of a Delaware town plan on helping a business owner who says she’s fed up with numerous people peeing on her building.

Angela Dorey owns Dorey Insurance in Milford, Delaware. Since she opened her business, which is located next to a liquor store and bar, Dorey says her surveillance video has constantly captured men peeing outside the building.

“It’s kind of gross and dirty and it smells,” Dorey said.

Despite a visible sign warning people not to do it and another sign which states they’ll be caught on camera if they do, Dorey says she often sees five to six people a day urinating outside her business.

“It’s not clean,” Dorey said. “It’s not fair to me or my staff or my customers.”

It’s gotten so bad that Milford Mayor Bryan Shupe and Milford Police are considering building public restrooms or even port-a-potties in the area.

“There are always little things on the street that we need to take care of,” Shupe said.

Dorey has taken action of her own. She publicly shames the culprits by posting surveillance videos of them peeing on social media. She told NBC10 some of the men have been recognized by their bosses and family members.

“I want these people who come back here to know that what they’re doing is not private,” she said. “It’s going to be publicized.”

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