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Manco & Manco Will Reopen 1 Boardwalk Spot After Testing Workers for COVID-19

Owners shut down the locations on the Ocean City Boardwalk after three workers tested positive for the coronavirus.

Ted Greenberg/NBC10

One Manco & Manco pizza shop in Ocean City will reopen Sunday afternoon, after locations in that city were closed Tuesday when owners learned three employees had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Since then, all 222 employees have been tested for the virus, revealing one more positive test for a total of four employees, co-owner Chuck Bangle told NBC10.

The 9th Street Manco & Manco location in Ocean City will open at 3 p.m. Sunday. The owners did not open Saturday as previously planned because they didn't have all employees' test results until 6:30 p.m. Somers Point locations were not affected by the closures.

The owners of the popular pizza shops wrote on Facebook Tuesday that the first three employees to test positive were identified by county contact tracers. None of the employees who tested positive will be back to work until they complete a 14-day quarantine and test negative, Bangle said.

All three locations are being professionally cleaned and the owners are working with the Cape May County Health Department.

The owners took other precautions including adding ultraviolet lights to help kill the virus in high-touch areas. Manco & Manco owners also said this week that only whole pies, not slices, would be available until further notice.

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