Major Snowstorm This Weekend Could Be Students' ‘Worst Nightmare'

Potentially major snow could be heading our way but students’ dreams of a day off from school likely won’t come to fruition.

"This is a student's worst nightmare if they're looking for a day off of school," said NBC10 First Alert Weather meteorologist Bill Henley. "They could potentially get the entire day in on Friday – the snowstorm comes in over the weekend and everyone's back to school on Monday."

Schools might be the only thing not impacted by the upcoming weekend winter weather.

"It's likely that we will get a winter storm," said Bill.

It’s too early right now to talk totals or exact timing but people should plan on winter weather possibly effecting Friday night and Saturday plans. [[365778961, C]]

The winter storm is expected to move in late Friday afternoon to Friday evening with heavy snowfall expected to start early Saturday and possibly last throughout the day, said Bill.

"This storm looks to be capable of producing 3 feet of snow somewhere, probably not here," said Bill.

As of Tuesday morning, the bull's eye for the storm ranges from northern Virginia and West Virginia to south-central Pennsylvania, said Bill.

"The models have been fairly consistent and the timing's been fairly consistent too," said Bill.

The winter storm is expected to move in late Friday afternoon to Friday evening with heavier snowfall expected to continue into Saturday and possibly last throughout the day, said Bill.

The First Alert Weather Team issued a First Alert ahead of the storm to warn people about the storm's potential. As the week progresses we should know more about where the rain/snow line should be. As of now, Bill says that this storm appears to be all snow for Wilmington, Philadelphia, Trenton, immediate suburbs and points north and west.

"There is still potential for some snow and rain along with Nor'easter conditions at the shore," said Bill. "Still to be answered is where that rain/snow line hits and does it move further inland."

The further offshore the storm track moves, the more likely this will be an all snow event for the entire area, said Bill.

Blizzard conditions (where winds exceed 35 mph with less than 1/4-mile visibility and heavy or blowing snow lasting for three hours or more) don't seem likely with this storm but that doesn't mean it isn't possible, says Bill. Gusts up to 50 mph could hit along the coast and heavy winds are expected inland as well.

And, if you really don’t want to go to school, there is some hope; Bill says that weekend classes, events and Sunday school could be impacted. Travelers should expect flight delays even if the heaviest snow hits elsewhere.

The lesson here… stay tuned and check in with the NBC10 First Alert Weather Team on air and on as the storm approaches.

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