Two Local Cities Land on the List of ‘Unfriendliest' in the Country

Grumpy. Hostile. Curmudgeonly. No one wants their hometown associated with these adjectives, but travelers have deemed that some nearby cities have an attitude problem.

A recent survey conducted by Conde Nast Traveler ranked two local cities among the Top 10 "unfriendliest" in the nation.

Fourth on the list of towns needing an attitude adjustment is Atlantic City. Reviewers noted the financial struggles the seaside vacation spot has faced in the last year had a negative effect on the atmosphere, and some visitors did not find the nightlife entirely enthralling. Although they were ranked fifth last year, reader comments included praise of the “historic boardwalk” and “the world famous beach.”

Wilmington, Delaware was named the ninth least-friendly city. According to the website, most voters traveled to Delaware’s largest city only for business, and few readers had a chance to explore Wilmington’s Riverfront, a collection of restaurants and attractions along the Brandywine and Christina Rivers. Although ninth is not exactly brag-worthy, the city can be happy it made an improvement from being ranked eighth last year.

For the second year in a row, the magazine asked its readers to rank cities by their friendliness. The Top 10 friendliest cities in the country are mostly in the south, while most of the least friendly cities are in the north east.

Charleston, S.C. topped the list of friendly cities while Newark, New Jersey was named the most unfriendly city in America.

Philadelphia didn't make either list.

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