Lehigh U Student Who Attended Frat Party May Have Meningitis

Lehigh University officials are warning students that there may be a case of bacterial meningitis

A Lehigh University student who attended a fraternity party where cups might have been shared is hospitalized with suspected bacterial meningitis, according to college officials.

Lehigh officials sent out a health advisory to all students Thursday, stating that the female students who might have bacterial meningitis attended a Theta Chi fraternity party Tuesday night, where people could have drank from the same cups, reports the Express-Times.

Students who were in close contact with the student, who is now being treated at St. Luke’s Hospital, are being urged to get preventive antibiotics from the university health center.

Bacterial meningitis is a contagious and potentially fatal infection of the central nervous system. It’s spread by saliva or close, prolonged exposure with an infected person.

Symptoms of sometimes fatal infection include fever, severe sudden headache, lethargy, stiff neck, nausea, vomiting and rash, according to the school’s advisory.

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