Coatesville Arson Puts People on Edge Again

Cause of blaze unknown


People in Coatesville thought their fire fears were over. But someone's at it again.

Another fire was purposely set early Saturday in Coatesville. One person was treated at the scene and another was taken to the hospital.

"We opened the curtains and fire was in our face," said Carmen Lemus. The fire was started on her porch and she said there was barely enough time to get out alive with her three children.

This is the second time around for Carmen, who lives on Valley Road. Someone torched her porch last month too.

"They're causing a lot of pain, a lot of heartache. We worked hard and everything is gone," she said.

Ironically, this latest fire -- the 20th this year in that area -- was set within hours after one of the two arson suspects already in jail, faced fire victims during his preliminary hearing.

The same task force that gathered evidence on Roger Barlow and Mark Gilliam was back in Coatesville investigating Saturday.

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