Kitten Set on Fire

Humane officers say a kitten was burned over a third of its body after being intentionally set on fire in Kensington.

The Pennsylvania SPCA says the injured black and white kitten was found on the 3100 block of F Street near McPherson Square Park today. It is approximately 4 to 5 weeks old.

“This is a horrendous act of cruelty to inflict on a helpless animal,” said George Bengal, Director of Law Enforcement.

A humane law enforcement officer brought the kitten back to the SPCA headquarters where veterinarians administered medical care and pain medications.

The feline was then transferred to a rescue partner to receive intensive care for its injuries.  They are hopeful that the kitten will survive.

Police are searching for the person(s) responsible.

Anyone with information should call the Pennsylvania SPCA Anti-Cruelty Hotline 866-601-SPCA.

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