Kidnap Hoax Mom Wants Out of Prison

Bonnie Sweeten -- model inmate and cell block leader.

Bonnie Sweeten, the suburban mom serving time for faking a carjacking and abduction, wants out of prison early.

She was sentenced to a minimum of nine months and maximum of two years for claiming two black men kidnapped her and her daughter back in May. Instead, Sweeten flew to Disney World.

Sweeten, 38, pleaded guilty to identity theft and filing a false police report and has only been in prison since August. She will ask a Bucks County judge on Wednesday if she can serve the rest of her sentence on house arrest.

Her attorney says Sweeten has been a model inmate and become a leader on her cell block by participating in a number of classes available for prisoners, according to the Courier Times.

Federal investigators are looking into allegation that Sweeten stole money to fund a lifestyle beyond her means.

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