Gunman Steals Nothing From Fishtown Pizza Place: Philadelphia Police

A gunman entered a Philadelphia pizza shop and demanded money from the woman behind the counter only to make off with nothing.

Philadelphia Police released video Wednesday of the Oct. 29 holdup inside Key Food Pizza at 2329 E. York St. in the city’s Fishtown neighborhood.

In the video you see a masked man wearing a dark-colored hoodie standing outside the restaurant just after 10 p.m. After looking around, the man struggles to figure out the pull door, before entering the restaurant and pointing a gun at a woman behind the counter and a customer in the waiting area.

The 25-year-old woman behind the counter refused the gunman’s request for money, and after a brief conversation, the man left without taking anything, according to police.

Investigators asked that anyone with information contact police detectives at 215-685-9962 or 215-686-3243.

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