Jersey Derby Girls Do “Dinner Impossible”

The South Jersey Derby Girls -- a roller derby team from, you guessed it, New Jersey -- were featured on Wednesday night’s season premiere of Dinner Impossible, the hit Food Network cooking show.

The episode titled “Derby Debacle” was filmed in May at the Colossal Coastal Roller Derby Convention in Wildwood, N.J.

On the show, Chef Robert Irvine must prepare themed meals for large groups under stressful conditions and a time limit.

In “Derby Debacle,” Irvine -- with the help of the South Jersey Derby Girls -- prepared a meal for over 250 skaters and derby fans.

South Jersey Derby Girl Raechel “Billy Rae Siren” Morera was one of many skaters who helped Irvine and his staff of chefs prepare the grand meal.

“It was definitely a stressful day, full of running and skating around,” said Morera.

The South Jersey Derby Girls held a watch party at Villari’s Sports Bar in Franklinville, Wednesday night to celebrate the premiere.

The team hopes appearing on the show will bring recognition to the sport and of course some love for the Garden State.

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