Ryan Dunn Drank 6 Shots, 2 Beers: Cops

No charges will be lodged against West Chester bar for serving "Jackass" star, state police say

Ryan Dunn

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn drank six shots and two beers at Barnaby's in West Chester before getting behind the wheel early Monday morning, Pennsylvania State Police say.

Police say that Dunn was legally drunk at the time of the accident that killed him and a friend early Monday morning.

Dunn’s blood alcohol level was .196 – twice that of the state’s legal limit of .08 -- when he crashed his Porshe on Rt. 322 killing himself and his passenger Zach Hartwell, according to police.
“No other substances were found in his blood other than alcohol,” Police Chief Michael Carroll told The Reporter.

State police say no charges are planned against Barnaby's bar where Dunn and Hartwell drank just before they died in a fiery one-car crash.

Sgt. William La Torre of the police Bureau of Liquor Enforcement tells The Associated Press that the agency has determined that Dunn was apparently not visibly intoxicated when he was served two beers and six shots by bar employees over four hours.

La Torre said fans and other people, not bar staff, apparently brought Dunn three more drinks at a back table out of sight of the bartender at the end of the night.

Both Dunn and Hartwell died of blunt and thermal trauma when Dunn lost control of his car -- which police say was traveling at a speed of 130 to 140 mph -- flew over the guardrail, slammed into a tree and burst into flames less than 100 yards from Hartwell’s home in Chester County, Pa.

The men were seen at Barnaby’s in West Chester Sunday night into early Monday, before the two left in Dunn’s vehicle.

A Barnaby’s manager told NBC Philadelphia yesterday that Dunn did not seem drunk when he was leaving the bar.

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