How to Pop the Prom Question

Prom has been a rite of passage for high school students since the 1950s. For seniors in particular it’s a way to celebrate four years of hard work and have a last party before graduation.

To ensure an “I do,” teens are getting creative with their “promposals.”

Imagine what it would feel like to be asked in this way.

Caroline Garlick, a student at Lower Moreland High school was one of those lucky ones. Her boyfriend being part of the tech and lighting crew staged the proposal in the school auditorium.

He played the ukulele and sang the song "House of Gold" by 21 Pilots but changed the words to fit into the proposal.

"I was so excited. I was really surprised."

West Chester East junior Deanna Robinson felt the same way when her close friend Noah Newton asked her to his senior prom.

At his last high school show practice Noah talked on stage afterwards about how everyone involved in the school plays has helped him in some way. Then Noah said he had a question for Deanna.

The stage crew came out with a giant chalkboard which was a prop for one of the plays. The chalkboard read "Prom?" in giant lettering.

"The curtain opened and stage crew came out. I got excited and peed my pants and ran onto the stage."

Noah said he was planning on asking Deanna another way but thought up this idea on the spot. Since they became friends through doing school plays Noah said it was appropriate to pop the question on stage.

Deanna and Noah agree that their school does the promposals in "really big ways."

"It's competitive we all try to out-do each other."

After graduation Noah will be going away to AMDA in New York to study theater performance. In the meantime though Deanna and Noah are looking forward to prom night.

And if you haven’t asked anyone to prom yet, then maybe you could use the inspiration.

Between Facebook shares, re-tweets and likes on Instagram students are posting their promposals.

Here are a few more that stand-out.

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