How Philly Moves: 50,000 Square Foot Mural

Huge mural by the airport.

Philadelphia, a city of murals, is about to outdo itself.

Tuesday began the installation of How Philly Moves, a community-based public art project on the parking garage at the Philadelphia International Airport facing I-95.

The city and the Mural Arts Program have high hopes for the project, as outlined in a press release:

“How Philly Moves, a project produced in cooperation with the City of Philadelphia Office of Transportation and Utilities, will transform the garage into a memorable ‘gateway’ for travelers and visitors to the region, adding spectacular beauty and color to the airport’s landscape and enlivening the travel experience of millions”

The hopes are well justified, judging from the stunning photos. The sky’s the limit for this mural, considering the pictures are only from day one.

The mural approaches 50,000 square feet, making it the largest square-footage project ever undertaken by the Mural Arts Program.

Officials expect How Philly Moves will take eighteen months to complete.

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