Officers Fire at Home Invasion Suspects

Police officers fired at alleged robbers overnight after the suspects burst into a home and got into a violent struggle with a resident.

Philadelphia Police officers responded to the home invasion on the 3700 block of N 16th Street in the city’s Hunting Park section around 3:30 a.m. Friday.

"The officers when they responded to the location... they could clearly see that someone had broken into the front door, there was damage to the door, the glass to the door was clearly broken" said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

"As soon as they got inside the property they heard a struggle, they could tell there was a violent struggle and a fight going on on the second floor."

As the officers climbed the steps, the two suspects began to run down the staircase. Small said one of the suspects pulled a gun and that officers responded by opening fire.

Neither suspect was hit, according to investigators.

The armed suspect then ran back up the stairs and began to get in a fight again with the resident.

"At some point the suspect was stabbed, about three times, we believe by the homeowner," Small said.

Despite being stabbed in the chest, shoulder and buttocks, the suspect was able to jump out of the second floor window onto the front porch roof and then down onto the front lawn, according to investigators.

That suspect then darted to the 3700 block of N Sydenham Street where officers found him hiding under car and took him to Temple University Hospital in stable condition.

In the bedroom where the attack occurred, investigators found two spent shell casings that appeared to come from the suspect's gun.

The second suspect somehow got away and remained on the loose Friday afternoon, according to police.

The 38-year-old resident told police that at least one of the suspects had his girlfriend in a headlock at the time that the officers arrived.

The resident wasn't injured. His 33-year-old girlfriend suffered minor arm injuries, according to Small.

Small said the officers were clearly in uniform and "did their job" to protect the couple, "coming to the rescue."

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