‘Headed to the White House’ Exhibit at National Constitution Center Brings ‘Ad-O-Matic’ Feature to Your Home

The National Constitution Center in Old City Philadelphia wants to bring the art of the campaign ad, and attack ad, to you.

The museum launched its online "Ad-O-Matic" tool Thursday as part of its "Headed to the White House" exhibit. You can choose your issue and tone then watch the magic happen.

LINK: Presidential Campaign Ad-o-Matic

The NCC calls the Ad-O-Matic "a platform for visitors to create their own campaign ads this election season. Featuring voice-over artist Laurel Katz, known for her work in hundreds of local, regional and national issue and campaign ads, the Ad-O-Matic allows visitors create entertaining custom television ads featuring themselves as the candidate. In tailoring their ads, users can choose a positive or an 'attack' ad, and select up to three key issues including the economy, environment, health care, education and foreign policy." [[368564361, C]]

NBC10 and Telemundo62 sponsor Headed to the White House. The presidential-themed exhibit was created by the National Constitution Center and uses artifacts, interactive modules, multimedia and role-playing opportunities to guide visitors along the campaign trail and into the Oval Office. The exhibit is timed to coincide with the 2016 presidential election and the National Democratic Convention taking place in Philadelphia this summer.

Headed to the White House runs through Nov, 13. For more information, visit www.constitutioncenter.org. You can also buy tickets HERE.

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