Gun Runners Use Amtrak to Transport Weapons From South Carolina to NJ: Police

Five men and a woman were arrested  for their alleged roles in a gun trafficking ring in which police say weapons were transported from South Carolina to Camden, New Jersey via Amtrak trains.

Marcus Rutling, 32, of Camden and Saluda, South Carolina, Joseph Rutling, 23, of Camden, Katelynn Schippnick, 24, of Greeleyville, South Carolina, Shawn Tribbett, 32, of Camden, and Anthony Gilmore, 24, of Lawnside, are all charged with conspiracy to traffic in firearms without a license. Tribbett as well as a sixth suspect, 37-year-old Lewis DiMatessa of Clementon, are also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

According to investigators, the suspects sold at least 22 firearms from illegal gun brokers and dealers, including an assault rifle, shotguns, handguns, as well as ammunition and a bullet-proof vest, to a confidential informant working with the ATF.

Investigators say brothers Marcus and Joseph Rutling sold the weapons and ammunition out of several locations in Camden and Lawnside. The brothers allegedly obtained the weapons from South Carolina and brought them to New Jersey on a weekly basis, at times using Amtrak trains to transport the guns.

Gilmore allegedly sold handguns, shotguns and a bullet proof vest, mostly from a house in Lawnside while Tribbett and Shippnick served as the brokers for the transactions. Tribbett, a previously convicted felon, allegedly brokered a deal in which DiMatessa, also a convicted felon, sold a rifle to the informant.

Tribbett was arrested on Monday while Gilmore, Schippnick, and DiMatessa were arrested Tuesday morning by ATF special agents. The Rutling brothers were already in state custody on unrelated charges.

Tribett, Gilmore and DiMatessa were remanded to custody during a court appearance on Tuesday. Schippnick was released on bond after appearing in court in South Carolina. She was ordered to appear in a New Jersey court on August 12.

The Rutling brothers are scheduled to appear in court on August 26.

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