Gun Pictures on Facebook Leads to Jail Time

The 22-year-old man was prohibited from possessing firearms because of a previous charge, according to police

James Lawrence Plank, 22, will spend two to five years in state prison, according to an article in the Pottstown Mercury. He pleaded guilty in a Montgomery County courtroom Thursday after being arrested in May 2011 after authorities saw pictures on of Plank posing with a gun, the newspaper said.

The Lower Providence man previously served time behind bars for a felony drug conviction, and police say he was prohibited from being in possession of any firearms, as reported in the Pottstown Mercury.

Investigators told the newspaper there were three pictures allegedly posted by Plank on Facebook, and that one picture showed him pointing a gun at the camera.

Assistant District Attorney Justin Boehret told the Pottstown Mercury that social media can sometimes be a defendant's worst enemy.

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