Dad Guilty in Danieal Kelly Starvation Death

3 convicted in the starvation death of a disabled teen

A Philadelphia jury has convicted three people in the starvation death of Danieal Kelly.

The 14-year-old girl weighed just 42 pounds when she died in 2006. She was covered with bedsores. Danieal suffered from cerebral palsy and could not care for herself.

The child’s father, Daniel Kelly was found guilty of endangering the welfare of a child.

Dana Poindexer, a former social worker for the city, was convicted on similar charges.

A social-services contractor was convicted of manslaughter charges for her role in Danieal’s death. City officials said they paid Mickal Kamuvaka’s firm to monitor Danieal Kelly and her siblings, but counselors never showed up.

Kamuvaka is already is already serving a 17-year federal sentence for fraud.

Kelly's mother is already in prison for 3rd degree murder.

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