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Graffiti Taggers Deface Jersey Shore Businesses: Police

Police are searching for graffiti artists accused of defacing businesses at the Jersey Shore. 

The “Succo” graffiti tag turned up on a consignment shop’s truck in Barnegat Township, New Jersey as well as several other buildings in the town on March 30. Only days earlier a video surfaced on Youtube showing someone using the same tag and another person vandalizing an abandoned business in the township. Both of their faces are blurred in the clip.

“We work so hard for so little and you’re here and you’re trying to just destroy what we have and advertise it and be proud of it,” said Tracy Corcino, the owner of the consignment shop. “That makes it worse.”

Police told NBC10 they’re tracking down the people in the video as well as the owner of an Instagram page that showed the graffiti.

“It’s very brazen for individuals to do such a thing, to post such videos online of themselves committing the acts,” said Barnegat Township Police Sergeant Jeff Ryan. “Obviously it does expose them to a point.”

NBC10 reached out to the owner of the Instagram account but we have not yet heard back from him. Corcino says she also reached out to him.

“I asked him how he could do that to a small business and his response was, ‘you went all out of your way to find little old me. I’m honored,’” Corcino said.

Corcino says her truck will remain defaced because her business doesn’t have the money to repaint it.

If you have any information on the graffiti, please call Barnegat Township Police at 609-698-5000.

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