Free Falling

The price at the pump has dipped below $2 a gallon

South Jersey has some of the cheapest gas -- less than two bucks for a gallon of regular -- about two bucks less than it was just a few months ago.
Talk about getting pumped for gas!

The best part is that prices may continue to fall.
At Vineland Deli and Gas a gallon of regular is down to a $1.84.
"This seems to be one of the cheapest gas stations in New Jersey," said consumer Vanessa Edwards.
Actually, gas prices in South Jersey are among the cheapest in the nation right now. After nearing or topping 4-bucks a gallon in July, gas prices have tumbled to their lowest levels since March 2005.
Fuel industry experts say fears in the crude oil markets about supply not meeting demand sent prices soaring earlier this year.

Fuel prices have now plunged with the worsening economy and people driving less. It’s the opposite worry -- not enough demand for the supply.
Analysts say don’t be surprised if we start seeing prices drop close to $1.75 in the coming weeks but they don't know what to expect for 2009.

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