First Lady Obama Writes Absence Note for Local 1st Grader

Worried about missing her reading final, a local first grader made a special request while meeting First Lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday.

Michelle Martin and her 6-year-old daughter Gianna were among the guests who got to meet First Lady Michelle Obama during her visit to the National Constitution Center on Wednesday. Attending the event however meant that Gianna, a first grader at Ad Prima Charter School in Philadelphia, would have to miss her reading final. So little Gianna went up to the First Lady and made a special request.

“I said, ‘can you please write me a note?’” said Gianna. “I said to write it about me missing my finals.” 

The First Lady agreed and wrote a letter stating the following:

Dear Ms. McGrail,   

Thank you for allowing Gianna Martin to miss her finals to come hear me speak. She seems like a lovely young lady. And thank you for educating our kids.

All the best,

Michelle Obama 

“One thing I’ve always told my kids is the only thing they can say is “no” and “no” is not going to kill you so you might as well ask,” said Martin. “I think she’ll take a look at this note when she’s older and show it to her granddaughters. This is a piece of history that she’ll have forever.”

“I was going to hang it up in the refrigerator so I can always read it,” said Gianna.

Martin says the experience taught her daughter a valuable lesson which she hopes will inspire other kids.

“Never take “no” for an answer,” said Martin. “Keep striving and keep doing what you do. Because if at 6 you can get a note from the First Lady, the sky’s the limit.”

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