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Firefighters Battle Wind, Flames as Blaze Guts Jersey Shore Condos

'The wind is always a challenge in Brigantine, it helps a fire grow, it pushes it along and it makes us chase it,' Fire Chief Tiger Platt said

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What to Know

  • Firefighters in Brigantine, New Jersey, had more than just flames to battle as condos caught fire Thursday morning.
  • Strong winds whipped the fire and caused it to briefly spread to other properties in the Jersey Shore town, Brigantine Fire Department Chief Tiger Platt said.
  • No one was hurt and the blaze is under investigation.

Flames whipped by strong winds tore through a Jersey Shore condominium Thursday morning forcing firefighters to call on reinforcements to keep the blaze from spreading to neighboring homes.

The fire began just before 5 a.m. at the complex on 12th Street at the bay in Brigantine, Atlantic County. Fire Department Chief Tiger Platt explained what responding Brigantine firefighters encountered.

“It was fully involved, obviously being driven by this wind,” Platt said.

A doorbell camera captured the blaze growing as sparks flew onto neighboring properties. Overnight rain helped dampen some sparks but the wind kept fueling the flames.

Those winds caused flames to jump across the street, Platt said, causing a car to burn and small spot fires to break out.

“The wind is always a challenge in Brigantine: it helps a fire grow, it pushes it along and it makes us chase it,” Platt said.

Firefighters from neighboring towns like Atlantic City, Margate and Ventnor answered the call for help and assisted in battling the fire. Firefighters managed to contain the blaze and got it under control after about 90 minutes, Platt said.

About 10 total properties had some fire damage, but only the four condos in the complex were gutted, Platt said while complementing the efforts of firefighters.

There appeared to be no one in the condos at the time.

The cause of the fire wasn’t clear as of Thursday.

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