Father of Boy Who Ripped Out Teeth to Plead Guilty

Francisco Torres, 41, is set to plead guilty for reckless endangerment after being arrested for neglecting his son who ripped out his own teeth with pliers.

The alleged neglectful father of a boy who ripped out his own teeth is set to plead guilty.

Francisco Torres, 41, waived his preliminary hearing on Wednesday. His attorney says that prosecutors will drop the endangering the welfare of a child charge against him in exchange for a guilty plea to reckless endangerment.

Torres was arrested on Tuesday, April 19 after allegedly refusing to help his 14-year-old son who was suffering from severe tooth pain.

Police say that beginning in June of 2010, the boy was suffering from painful toothaches that lasted for months and that Torres refused to take him to the dentist.

Investigators say the pain became so unbearable for the boy that he pulled two teeth from his mouth using a pair of pliers, causing further pain and bleeding.

The boy contacted the Northampton County Children and Youth who called the Easton Police Department.

Last February the boy had surgery in which fragments of the two teeth were removed from his mouth.

Torres claimed that he was not a bad father and that insurance issues prevented him from treating his son. Police say that Torres has a valid health insurance card that could have covered the boy’s dental work however.

A formal arraignment is set for Torres on August 8.

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