Does South Philly Shooting Have Mob Ties?

Sources tell NBC10 Anthony Nicodemo is being questioned in Wednesday's deadly shooting

Alleged mob associate Anthony Nicodemo is being questioned in the fatal shooting of a 50-year old man in South Philadelphia Wednesday afternoon, sources tell NBC10.

The victim's name has not been released, but sources close to the investigation tell NBC10 the shooting may be mob related.

Police say the victim was shot multiple times on the 2800 block of Iseminger Street around 3 p.m. The shooting happened just two doors away from his home.

The victim was taken to the Hahnemann University Hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Sources tell NBC10 Nicodemo is a mid-level mobster in the Joseph Ligambi crime family but was recently demoted to the rank of soldier.

Ligambi, the reputed mob boss of Philadelphia, known as "Uncle Joe" is currently on trial with 6 other defendants for racketeering. He's accused of being on the payroll at Top Job Disposal for 10 years, but never doing any work.

Prosecutors allege that the La Cosa Nostra boss defrauded the Teamsters' health and pension fund, of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The defense claims Ligambi has steered several contracts to the trash hauler over the years, before going out of busines.      

Closing arguments are expected to begin in January.

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