Fallen Philly Officer's Mother Appears at DNC

The mother of a Philadelphia Police officer who was shot and killed close to four years ago told the Democratic National Convention crowd on Thursday the story of her son's generosity and kindness toward others — including those he never even met.

Officer Moses Walker Jr. was in street clothes and walking to a North Philadelphia bus stop after an overnight shift when two men crossed the street and tried to rob him on Aug. 18, 2012. Police said the 19-year veteran was able to draw his gun but was shot in the chest, stomach and arm. He later died from his injuries.

One of the men charged in the incident testified that Walker looked like a college student and an easy target. The off-duty officer was dressed in shorts and was carrying a backpack.

Walker’s mother, Wayne, told the story about what she found in her son’s home after his death.

"In Moses’ living room, I found a pile of wrapped Christmas presents,” she said. "It was in August. But Moses, he always thought ahead. He bought gifts for relatives, for single parents, for strangers down on their luck. One of these presents didn’t even have a name on it. I still have it."

Walker also was a church deacon who was survived by five siblings. He planned to retire in 2013.

"Moses didn’t live long enough to give all of the gifts he had to give," she continued. "While we’re here, we must do the good we can. We have to believe that we’re stronger together."

Rafael Jones was sentenced to life in prison for shooting and killing Walker. Co-defendant Chancier McFarland pleaded guilty to third-degree murder and robbery and was told by a judge that he would be sentenced to 20 to 40 years, provided that he cooperate with prosecutors and testify in Jones' trial.

Jones violated parole and should have been in jail at the time of Walker's murder, according to investigators. A parole officer and two supervisors were fired over the supervision of Jones, who failed a drug test days before the slaying. They have fought to regain their jobs, saying they were scapegoats.

A federal lawsuit filed by Walker's family blaming the parole board for his death was dismissed by a judge, but Walker's mother said she planned to appeal.

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