Shooting Suspect Puts Hands Up, Tells Officers He Pulled Trigger: Philadelphia Police

A suspected gunman voluntarily gave himself up -- his hands raised in the air -- after a shooting in Philadelphia’s Feltonville section overnight.

Philadelphia Police rushed to the 4600 block of Ella Street after a serious of 911 calls just before 2 a.m.

"Upon police arrival, they found a 26-year-old male, on the sidewalk, unconscious, suffering from at least two gunshot wounds – one to the chest and one to the head," said police chief Inspector Scott Small.

Police rushed the man to Temple University Hospital where he remained in critical condition.

"He never regained consciousness and it’s unknown whether he’s going to survive these gunshot wounds," said Small.

After the shooting, the suspected gunman remained on the scene to surrender his semi-automatic weapon. The 25-year-old man told police he pulled the trigger.

"(He) immediately approached police with his hands raised in the air and identified himself as the shooter," said Small. "He stated that he had the gun that he fired the shots with in his pocket."

"He is cooperating with police, which is unusual" said Small.

East Detectives interviewed the suspect and witnesses in hopes of finding out why he pulled the trigger.

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