Driverless Car Does Doughnuts on Wildwood Street

Fire captain corrals empty car that was turning circles in Wildwood Sunday

A runaway car with no driver was doing doughnuts in reverse on a Wildwood street, bringing police and fire units to puzzle over the matter Sunday afternoon.

The bizarre driverless race was caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube before Fire Captain Chris D’Amico tamed the independent beast, officials told NBC Philadelphia's Ted Greenberg.

"I've never corralled a car before," D'Amico said.

D’Amico said that he found an opportunity to jump into the passenger-side window while he was standing inside the circle the car was making.

The empty older model Ford Thunderbird took to the road on its own when the driver got out of the car in order to switch seats with his passenger, officials said

The car's passenger suffered minor injuries when he tried to jump back in the car earlier.

They then called 9-1-1 to get some help, authorities said.

The rebel car was towed away from the scene. Its owner had no comment on the matter Monday.

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