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Drexel Study Shows a Good Appetizer May Spoil Your Meal

Worried about spoiling your main course when eating out? The quality of your appetizer may have something to do with how well you enjoy your entree.

Jacob Lahne, PHD, who specializes in sensory evaluation, found that a comparatively good appetizer could cause one to less favorably receive the main course than if it were preceded by a mediocre appetizer.

"It's always worth remembering that our experiences are contextual -- that is, what we like and don't like, or taste and don't taste, is not objective, but related to the environment, our state of mind, and many other vairables." Lahne said.

The study was conducted on customers at Drexel University's Academic Bistro.

Zahne is an assistant professor at the University's Center for Hospitality and Sports Management.

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