Dog Head Found in Freezer of Chester County Home

A gruesome scene is discovered by SPCA investigators at a Caln Township home.

Police arrested two people in connection to a case of animal cruelty and possible ritualistic animal sacrifice at a home in Caln Township, Chester County.

A dog's head was found in a freezer, a canine skull covered in gold leaf was on a table and what appeared to be the skulls of two dogs were found on a kitchen counter, according to the Chester County SPCA.

The agency was contacted by Caln Township police and officials then executed a search warrant at the home on Wayne Avenue on Monday.

SPCA investigators also found a necklace they say appeared to be made from animal teeth and bones. In the backyard they found a smaller dog skull and chicken heads and feet hanging from a tree. A fire pit contained several animal bones, according to investigators.

Two live chickens were found inside a chicken coop, authorities say. They're being cared for by the Chester County SPCA.

Two people were arrested on Tuesday, according to the SPCA.


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