Dine, Buy a Blue Dress at Lewinsky's on Clinton

Lewinsky’s on Clinton.

No, “Bubba” hasn’t reignited his love affair with the former White House intern, but there’s a brand new Delaware City restaurant named after the scandal-ridden tryst.

“We’re on Clinton Street,” said restaurant partner John Buchheit. “I wanted something easy to remember, something that sticks with you.  And it goes together:  Lewinsky and Clinton.”

Buchheit’s new upscale gastropub is just the latest addition to Clinton Street’s tongue-in-cheek eateries.

The former mayor, along with long-time business partner, Dale Slotter, also lay claim to Crabby Dick’s, a crab joint with an interesting menu, and Buster Nutts, a 140-seat pub.

And as if owning three restaurants, a hotel, a bakery and a few other businesses isn’t enough, Buchheit is also into selling merchandise at his cleverly-named establishments.

We’re not talking T-shirts and hoodies, although you can get those at Lewinsky’s, Crabby’s and Buster’s, we’re talking dresses. More specifically, blue dresses.

Yep, that’s right, Lewinsky’s is marketing blue dresses, a sort of tribute to its namesake, Monica Lewinsky, whose infamous blue dress played an integral role in the uncovering of her “sexual relations” with President Clinton.

So far, residents are embracing the name – and the dress code.

“I was surprised at how many female customers came in wearing blue dresses,” Buchheit said.

Lewinsky’s on Clinton is open daily, although their hours vary. The menu they’re offering through August is temporary. The permanent menu, will launch in August when the restaurant celebrates its official opening, is a mix of Old World European mixed with modern American flavors, said Buchheit.

No matter how good the menu is, you can bet this won't be a campaign stop next time Hillary's in town...

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