Fire Victim Finds Wife Amid Chaos

Kenneth Odom said when he saw the flames on the top floor where they lived, it took his breath away

Kenneth Odom had a flash of fear when he saw fire shooting out of the top floor of the Brandywine Woods apartment complex in Bear, Delaware early this morning. That's where he and his wife lived.

"I ran through the courtyard over here and cleared the corner of this building and I could see the entire roof of this structure was on fire. That took my breath away for about one second," Odom told NBC10's Byron Scott. It was after 1 a.m. and Odom was just on his way home from work. He had no idea if his wife had made it out alive.

"Then I saw my wife standing in the parking lot and that took my breath away again," Odom said.

Investigators aren't sure how the fire started, but the roof collapsed onto the third floor. The Assistant Fire Marshall said the building complex was up to code.

The Odoms and other fire victims are staying in other apartments, local hotels and some with relatives. Many lost everything, but Kenneth Odom had no problem putting that into perspective.

"Stuff is just stuff and it's gonna kinda catch up to us here and there as we move on, but as long as everyone got out OK, that's the most important thing, I think."

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