UberEATS Partners Exclusively With Pat's King of Steaks

The company made the announcement Tuesday.

UberEATS announced its new and exclusive partnership with a Philadelphia original: Pat’s King of Steaks.

The company, which brings you the food you order through partnerships around the country and around the world, officially announced their newest partnership Tuesday.

Does exclusive mean the global company won’t partner with other Philadelphia cheesesteak favorites? Actually, it means the opposite. According to Melissa Ferdinand, senior account executive of Brian Communications, Pat’s used to be available on other apps. Now the “King of Steaks” will only be available on UberEATS. 

"Uber will be the only delivery platform where you can order Pat's King of Steaks," Ferdinand said.

So will UberEATS partner with Pat’s cheesesteak competitors such as Geno’s, Jim’s and Tony Luke’s? While Uber does have other Philadelphia cheesesteak restaurants available on UberEATs, in regards to Pat's major competitors, Ferdinand said she was unsure if they've made a decision.

Melissa Ferdinand
Pat's King of Steaks owner Frank Olivieri with Pat's Mobile.
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