Deanna Durante's Kitten-Saving Mission

Week 3

Wow! I’m stunned by the emails and calls -- many thanks to all of you who are enjoying reading these updates on “mama cat” and her babies. 

A few house keeping notes -- answers to the most commonly asked questions. How are they? They’re great. I mean, I'm not a vet, but boy are they growing fast! And yes, all have opened their eyes. It’s so sweet that a photo doesn't do it justice.

There is some loud purring going on too, although we haven't figured out which cat is making all the noise.

They are happy, allow us to hold them, but still prefer to be near their mama.

As you'll recall last week we had some minor food issues. I thought it was that “mama” was not so happy with our choice of food. This week I have come to learn that being a single mom of six, it’s really tough to find time to eat. I figured out that she snacks on her dry food off and on, then heads back to her nest. You see, every time the poor thing gets up to "do her business" or grab a slur of water the kittens cry.

Tonight I decided to take some of the work out of it and give her a break -- room service if you will -- only I brought the food right to her mouth, feeding her out of the palm of my hand. No kidding.

Anyway, I thought she just didn't like my food choices. Until tonight when I put the food on my finger tips and she ate right out my hand. After a long day of standing in the rain, making a quick trip to the NJ side of the river and heading home, you should have seen me sitting on the floor hand-feeding not one but two cans of food to the prima donna mama. I can hear my mom laughing out loud as she reads this.

So, I am spoiling her...why not?

I've learned a bit more about her young little life and wanted to share. The man who brought “mama cat” to PALS emailed me. He feeds stray cats on the streets of Philly and sent me photos of her previous home (see above). Kinda’ rough aye? I have been obsessed with keeping her space, dry and clean and now, it is so much more important to me.

Mama may be spending these rainy nights indoors with a nice heated room and warm blankets to cuddle with her kittens, but there are thousands of homeless, hungry and cold animals out there. I wish I could do more.

If you want to help out, go to any shelter and do what you can or check out the PALS Web site. Animals are now up for adoption at the Broomall location as well.

Mama still growls (my husband snapped her feeding pics and she growled but never stopped eating, which shows us her growl is as bad as it gets). She is a very sweet young kitty who will soon be up for adoption. She may growl to protect her babies, but she’s a softie.

This week I learned what it must be like to have a kitty spa treatment. She falls asleep as I scratch behind her ears.

Yes, she eating out of the palm of my hand and it appears as though I am still right where she wants me!

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