Caught on Tape: Man, Cop Crash Through Window

In a real-life cops and robber scenario, a man police are after goes smashing through a plate-glass window in Atlantic City, New Jersey. We have the exclusive video.

A man police were after jumped right through a plate-glass window in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Friday morning. We have the exclusive video showing the glass-shattering moment (above).

The scene starts inside the Burgundy Motor Inn on N. Carolina Avenue around 8 a.m. That's where security officer from Resorts casino helped police find the man. He's accused of robbing someone inside a bathroom at the casino.

The video shows one of the officers approaching the man with his gun drawn. Then the officer handcuffs the suspect, right inside the hotel lobby. Three different surveillance cameras caught what happened next -- the suspect gets up and just walks right through a plate-glass window, sending glass everywhere as he falls out onto the ground.

"The momentum took them through the window," said Sgt. Monica McMenamin.

Next, you see the officer come out behind him, then other police and security show up.

"There was not a whole lot left of the glass and they're both lucky, both lucky to be alive with the amount of glass that there was," said McMenamin.

The officer hurt his right hand during the ordeal. The suspect, Rafique McNichols, 33, was also treated for cuts to his hands and feet. He's charged with resisting arrest.

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