Cop Accused of Tasering Teen Charged

The Colwyn cop accused of tasering a 17-year-old was formally charged Thursday morning before he was released on $25,000 bail.

The Colwyn police officer accused of tasering a teen while he was handcuffed and locked up in a holding cell is free after posting his $25,000 bail.

Cpl. Trevor Parham turned himself in on Thursday. He is charged with simple assault and official oppression, both 2nd degree misdemeanors, District Attorney Jack Whelan announced in a press conference.

According to the criminal complaint, Parham admited to tasering 17-year-old Da-Qwaun Jackson while he was handcuffed in a holding cell on April 24.

Jackson tells NBC10 that Parham tasered and teased him. He says the officer even went as far as texting someone about the tasering, a fact that Parham confirmed, according to the criminal complaint. Jackson says he used the acronym LOL (laugh out loud) in the text to another cop.

"That's offensive, certainly. I mean it's certainly not funny for anyone, whether it be a junvenile or non-juvenile to be handcufffed with his hands behind his back in a holding cell and have it followed up with 'this is a laughing matter,'" said Whelan.

The incident has caused major controversy in the small town. Deputy Chief of Police Wendell Reed was placed on paid leave in the wake of the tasering, but has since been reinstated. Four other officers are still suspended for either knowing about or allegedly covering up the tasering.

The investigation continues.


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